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Derek  Johnston

Senior Associate

Senior Associate

Competent, Compassionate, Certified Personal Development Coach

Our long-time and trusted colleague, Derek Johnston, supports professionals through authentic, personalized journeys that lead to profound insights and sustainable change. 

As an Integral Professional CoachTM, Derek works with people in the private and public sectors who are “stuck,” unfulfilled or stressed out. 

He’s helped managers and executives figure out “what’s next,” learn how to be more present in the moment, nurture greater empathy for self and others, and become more flexible and resilient. 

Through confidential coaching conversations and meaningful daily practices, Derek’s clients emerge feeling restored, reenergized and refitted for whatever lies ahead.

Derek’s coaching clients also benefit from more than 35 years of professional experience. A former Parliament Hill reporter, he further honed his craft through a series of demanding roles in corporate communications.

“Derek Johnston works with private and public sector leaders who are “stuck,” unfulfilled or stressed out.”

Twenty years ago, he founded Face Value Communications Inc., supporting leaders in Canada’s most respected public institutions, including the Supreme Court of Canada, Queen’s University, CBC/Radio-Canada, and the Ottawa Heart Institute.

Over the past fifteen years, we have worked with Derek and his company to deliver projects for the Canada Soccer Association, Wheelchair Basketball Canada and many other organizations. 

For over ten years, Derek was a regular instructor on executive development workshops for senior police leaders at the Canadian Police College. He has been a moderator and facilitator at Canada’s preeminent sports leadership conference, a guest lecturer at the University of Ottawa Executive MBA Program, a media relations instructor at the FBI Training Academy (Budapest, Hungary), and a presenter at multiple U.S. conferences hosted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Derek has a Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Radio and Television from TMU (formerly Ryerson University). An active volunteer, he serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre and is a Past President of the Canadian Club of Ottawa. 

Married with three adult children and four grandchildren, Derek is an active triathlete who revels in family singalongs around the campfire.


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