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Bernie Forestell

Senior Associate

senior Associate

Gifted Storyteller, Marketing Strategist And Fundraiser

From his early days at Lee Valley Tools when he’d mail catalogues one day and see the flood of orders a few days later, Bernie Forestell found his calling – getting people to take action!

Bernie is a fundraiser, storyteller, strategic thinker and marketing and business development professional. A gifted writer, Bernie’s compelling copy draws the reader in, helping them see how they can positively impact the world in which we all live. 

Bernie has worked inside large healthcare institutions, for national industry associations and has produced fundraising campaigns for local, national and international non-profits. Since his early direct mail beginnings, Bernie has helped raise millions of dollars and has created exponential national partnership programs growth.

“Bernie is a committed volunteer, working for causes he knows to make a difference in people's lives.”

Bernie’s ability to distil complex ideas into marketable strategies, combined with his expertise at creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, directly results from his more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience.

Bernie is a committed volunteer, working for causes he knows to make a difference in people’s lives. Bernie currently sits on the Canadian Mobile Giving Foundation Board and is Vice-Chair at the OutCare Foundation and sits on the fundraising committee at Water-Polo Canada.

Bernie is a talented public speaker, master of ceremonies and photographer. His photographic work has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail.


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