Canada’s Largest Outdoor Science Park

Building A Case For Support Based On Learning, Science and Fun.

How could writing and designing a Case for Support for Canada’s largest outdoor, free science park be anything but fun? In working with the Canada Science and Technology Museum Foundation we pondered, researched, designed and wrote about inspiring young people through the power of play.

When it becomes a reality, the new outdoor Science Play Park at the totally renovated Canada Science and Technology Museum will be a 10-acre park designed to delight and teach youngsters from across Ottawa and all over Canada. It will also be a fantastic outdoor tribute to the power of play and its indelible connection to science, technology and innovation.

Colourful, custom-built play structures designed for different ages and stages will explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) topics. Imagine children scrambling up and over molecules, atoms or DNA strands blown up to playground size, complementing the public art that will be featured both inside and outside the Museum.

The Science Play Park will also include a space for outdoor activities and science demonstrations, interactive activities that explore different aspects of science, vibrant lighting displays at night, and integrated seating for parents and caregivers. During the winter, the Park will be transformed into a wonderland with small toboggan hills, an outdoor skating rink and plenty of space to build snow forts.

Our team of Stephen McGill, Nadine Buckley and our wonderfully talented colleague and writer Lara Mills had a blast working on the project. It was also another enjoyable collaboration with our good friend Wayne Hussey of Wayne Hussey Consulting.