Support Our Troops Case for Support

Strong On All Fronts, A National Fundraising Campaign for Support Our Troops

Working on branding a national fundraising campaign to support the brave women, men and families of Canada's military community was an honour. It also presented an opportunity to learn the depth and breadth of sacrifices that these selfless Canadians make for the rest of us. 

Working closely with our frequent partners at Hussey Consulting and the senior fundraiser at Support Our Troops, we immersed ourselves in military life's realities and the stories that we knew Canadians needed to hear. There were countless stories of bravery, heartbreak, resilience and inspiration. 

These stories, our memories of growing up in a military family and many conversations led us to propose an umbrella campaign theme of - Strong on All Fronts. It was a theme intended to celebrate both the women and men who serve and the families who serve in their way. Inspiring Canadians to step up and support military members and their families was the goal. 

Based on an initial draft written by Wayne Hussey, we began to edit the case for support and reviewing thousands of possible images and videos that could set the right tone. In the end, we delivered a 24-page case for support that told the stories of lives in service, challenges faced and how Canadians could help.