Canada Soccer Excel Programs

Developing Canada’s Exceptional Young Players 

As part of the Canada Soccer Pathway, the EXCEL stream of player development — led by Canada Soccer, its provincial partners and Canada's professional clubs and private academies—is intended to ensure more of Canada's exceptional young players find their way into the best competitive environments. 

This collaborative program will create a new national structure to channel talent into professional clubs, and, ultimately, to Canada's National Soccer Teams. 

Over time, this fundamental transformation will produce more top Canadian players with the world-class skills needed to be truly competitive on the international stage.

When Canada Soccer needed to develop the materials to support the Women's EXCEL Program and the Men’s EXCEL Program, we were proud to be part of the team assembled by our associate, Derek Johnston.

As we have with all our other Canada Soccer projects, we worked closely and collaboratively with the internal communications team to plan and produce the materials that would introduce the program. Our work involved interviewing coaches, technical directors and sports science professionals. We then wrote and designed the communication materials using imagery available through the photo library. 

In the end, we produced different brochures in French and English for both the women and men's EXCEL programs.