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Getting Your Ducks in a Row for Your Brand Launch

As a branding agency we’ve been involved in brand launch scenarios more than a time or two.

In fact, we’re working on a couple of brand launches right now.

Just as there are all kinds of different brands, so too are there all manner of brand launch styles, formats and sizes to consider. In our experience, launching a brand is something that needs to be carefully considered as early as possible during every brand or-re-brand development project.

Before you get too carried away with the idea of a brand launch, it’s worth pausing and asking yourself a few questions.

Who needs to know?

There are no doubt several audiences that you think need to know about the launch of your new or refreshed brand. But, you should always start with those closest to you - your people. If you are a not-for-profit, you should include staff and volunteers in the first group of people to be in the know. Getting the people closest to you onside is critical. They are the people who will be living your brand vision and mission.

Why bother with a brand launch at all?

Sure you’re all excited about your new logo, marketing materials, website and so forth but why should anyone outside your close inner circle care? If it is merely an excuse to throw a party or toss out a plethora of posts, that’s fine.

“A brand should always support the strategic goals of your company or organization.

Always ask yourself how you can turn your launch into something of interest to audiences that matter to you. Ask what’s in it for the people you invite or include? Better still, ask how you can turn your launch into an occasion that benefits your brand's vision and mission? A brand should always support the strategic goals of your company or organization. It’s the same for when you launch your brand - where’s the benefit?

Go big or go quietly?

Should the launch or relaunch of your brand be an event with cake and streamers? Should it be a low-key rollout with minimal fanfare? Sometimes it is best to keep things on the down-low, especially if some of your critical brand elements are a work in progress. Spreading things out can get greater long-term engagement for your brand and company in the long run.

Always think beyond your launch

Using the word launch is entirely appropriate because launching a brand is just the beginning of a long brand journey.

Any successful and sustainable brand journey should be charted. Think about the routes you want your brand to take after the launch. Is brand awareness your first destination? Then have a plan and a budget to build awareness beyond the launch. Far too many organizations treat the brand launch as the final step in the branding process. The truth is, it’s only the beginning.

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