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Brand Messaging In The Mirror

Recently while perusing a website about affirmations (don’t ask) we came across an exercise that struck us as being entirely applicable and even appropriate for brand messaging.

The Mirror Technique

Aptly named the mirror technique this particular exercise implores affirmation aficionados to gaze intently into a mirror and repeat their carefully chosen positive pronouncements with gusto. Apparently, the key to this exercise is to be able to deeply believe and adopt these statements as part of your everyday life.

It got some of us (okay one of us) at McGill Buckley to thinking, why not try the mirror technique with brand messaging? But, with a slight twist.

Our brand messaging version of the mirror technique would go something like this:

“Stand in front of a mirror and repeat your core brand messages out loud with passion and deep conviction.

Start with your positioning statement or as some people call it - your elevator pitch. This is the short statement that tells people; who you are, what you do and what makes you different. Then move on to the messages that address the three to five key things that separate you from your competition. They could be anything from quality, knowledge to the brand experience.

Now, while still looking in the mirror, imagine that these exact same messages are being delivered to a customer, prospect, colleague, business partner or supplier.

Now imagine their reaction. Would your brand messaging resonate with them? Would your brand messaging make them want to do business with you? Would they ring true to the brand experience you actually deliver? If not it’s time to back away from the mirror and take another look at your brand messaging.

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